Wooden fighting cage with perch


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Give your birds a habitat with the most benefits when you purchase this aviary cage. The exterior design allows feathered friends to behave as they would in their natural environment, providing the best setting for a more enjoyable life. The large interior offers them space to socialize, explore and above all fly. Our cage is also perfect for you, allowing you to add cheerful beauty to your yard, patio or deck.
Weather Resistant: Come rain or shine, this wooden birdcage will withstand the elements. An asphalt roof allows water to slide off, which provides protection inside, and the high feet prevent moisture, water and mud under its structure.
Pine Construction: Sturdy and durable pine construction ensures durability over time.
Suitable Birds: The birdhouse is spacious and ideal for small birds like parakeets, finches, canaries, cockatiels and more.
Slide-out tray and doors: A slide-out tray allows for quick and easy cleaning, and there are two doors in the front, one of which is large which provides easy access to the interior.


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