Rabbit Cage


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that include a removable hay feeder, water bottle and feeding bowl. The elevated feeding area creates privacy below, and the stationary feeding bowl reduces spillage during mealtimes. What if there are occasional spills?  Extra Long Rabbit Cage features an easy-to-clean 8.5″ plastic tray that holds mess and litter. Durable powder-coated wire top provides 1″ clearance for optimal ventilation and visibility. With a full-width side door that lifts and rests above their head and a large top door, pet owners always have easy access to their pet for cleaning, feeding and play . . Both are sold separately.
Durable powder-coated top features 1″ spacing between each grille for ventilation and visibility
A large living space offers maximum comfort
Full-width side door lifts and sits overhead for cleaning, feeding and playing
Square inches: 1128


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