GAFTON wooden litter speaker


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Are you looking for a safe and comfortable litter for your cat? Look at the wooden litter tray, which also looks like an elegant wardrobe. It can also be used as a closed cat bed, you can use it as a bedside table near your bed to let your cat sleep with you. With a cat scratch on the right side, it provides a place to relieve the desire of cats to scratch and protect your carpets and domestic furniture from damage. . Can be used as cat litter, bedside table or tip table. The elegant and simple appearance allows this house to fit at any
An elegant and simple appearance means that this cat’s house is fond of your other home furnishings. Can be used as a pet house, a bedside table,
Magnetic doors with aluminum alloy handles open the bathroom for quick cleaning. Includes a cat scratch on the right side, perfect for your cats to sharpen their claws.
Pets need their own space to stay intimate during moments of relaxation.


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