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It offers an open front and an open roof, combining cool shade, sun and a good breeze. The 12″ pneumatic tires have rugged durability on grass and many other types of terrain. Bring this dual-functional design to the park and convert it to a stroller when you’re ready for the next part of your adventure. Elevate the afternoon with
A 2-in-1 bike cart is usable as a pet stroller when not attached to your bike, allowing you to walk or roll and continue on foot whenever you find yourself ready.
Pets can enjoy the sun and the breeze through the open top and open front.
Handle wrapped in soft ergonomic foam for cushioning under the palms and fingers when traveling on foot.
Front and top anti-zip mesh cover and weatherproof PVC shade that can be rolled over the mesh for a dry interior in the rain.
In the cold season, the bicycle trolley is foldable for compact storage in small spaces.
Rugged 12″ tires can roll over grass and many other types of terrain.
Increased visibility on the road with an orange flag that warns people from multiple angles and draws attention to the truck when it might be in view.
Sturdy and durable Oxford fabric ensures outdoor resistance in bad weather.
Mosquito nets on both sides provide a view left and right.
A seat belt is included to secure your pet.
Suitable dog size: under 15.25″ L and 22 lbs.


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