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Create a safe and active space for your hamster to feel at home with the large size of this Tucker Murphy Pet™ Hamster Cage. With a small hut and a ramp, the large hamster cage is 5 sq. ft., providing abundant space to climb up, down, run and roam, your hamster will be healthy and happy. The acrylic window makes it easy for you to see their daily life. Race your hamsters with the big, wide ramp.
What’s included?
Small Animal House: This spacious hamster house with a hutch provides your hamsters with 5 sq. ft. of space to run and roam, allowing them to gain energy and exercise. A very wide ramp allows free movement not only in the cage as a whole, but also on the ramp.
Quick Access: You’ll love the open tray for entry and exit, plus a removable tray for quick cleanup that allows easy access inside the critter cage.
Clear Visibility: The small animal cage provides an uninterrupted view with a clear acrylic front panel. Look at your little ball of fur through


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