Boivin cat cage


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This cage offers a safe refuge so that even the most energetic cat can run, jump and play! The spacious design of the wire cage creates a relaxed environment and an amusement park so that your cats can play and rest. Your four -legged friends will appreciate physical and mental stimulation to promote health and longevity.
The 4 -layer design offers enough exercise space for your adorable pets. A large vertical space meets cat climbing needs. An optimal cat cage to rest and play.
Overall front doors with secure  provide easy access and output for cats or other small animals such as guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, etc. Also suitable for the supply and cleaning of waste.
The frame of the robust cage is covered with a black coating which can withstand rust and corrosion for increased sustainability.
The user -friendly design allows a hassle -free installation. Folds completely to facilitate storage and transport when not used.
Delivered with ramps and a hanging hammock, this spacious kennel will make your pets remain fresh and happy at all times.


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